Out with the old, in with the new

Being a parent and a multi-business owner I really struggle with making salon appointments and sometimes even keeping them is sometimes an issue… because as Mum’s we know our little ones can sense when we have a busy day ahead of us and they end up ill and off school.

Last year was a pretty tough time for me, I really struggled and was diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression so, as you cam imagine, I let my body image go. I put on weight, I never got my nails done and don’t even talk to me about my hair. Now we’re almost half way through 2019 I am in a much better place. I’ve started my own jewellery business; which is going from strength to strength and mentally I feel I can take on the world. Now, all that I needed was to sort out my image and this is where a few local businesses came in. As i’m sure you’re all aware of, I’m all about supporting local businesses, being one myself, I know just how important now more than ever it is to support these smaller, local start-ups.

Throw back to last week when I indulged in a few days worth of pamper treatments and, boy, it was certainly what I needed. First up, I was kindly treat to an array of pamper treatments from Bloom Mobile Beauty. If you haven’t heard of Bloom Mobile beauty, you are missing out. Bloom mobile Beauty is a recently launched beauty app business based in the North East of England. By harnessing the services and talent of local professionals the Bloom app and website allows you to experience your favourite salon treatments in the comfort of your own home.

These days, we all live incredibly busy and unpredictable lives and their on demand salon services offer these services at a more convenient time and day for yourself. Being a busy working Mum this app was perfect for me. I chose a late night appointment at 7.15pm on a Friday and this wasn’t an issue for the beauty app. I was kindly gifted a gel manicure, gel pedicure and LVL lashes. I’ve had many a gel mani and pedi previously and was extremely excited for my LVL lashes. I’ve tried semi permanent lashes before but personally these just don’t work for me, the up keep is too much hassle and you have to been very careful with them however since trying LVL lashes I have fallen in love. My own natural eyelashes are lifted and tinted and the result blew me away. This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and its says to say I will be most definitely be getting these again. They’re so low maintenance and, just to test them out, I’ve put them through their paces by running my eyes, wearing mascara, you name it and the result a week later is just as amazing as the day I got them done.

The Bloom app operates between 9am and 9pm and are open on Sundays. The best part about these services are that you don’t need to travel so if you’re a Mum this is the perfect opportunity if you’re a Mummy like myself. Plus, I have to mention the staff are unbelievably friendly and very professional. I wasn’t sure how or where the treatments would be done in my home but all was solved when the beautician arrived with her array of equipment and turned my front room into a mini salon, I was in awe, it was great! Not only does Bloom do beauty treatments but they also do make up appointments, perfect for those special occasions, Bank Holiday or even if you just fancy some TLC.

With Bloom, it’s as simple as one, two, three… Simply select your services, choose your date and let them know your time. After booking, Bloom will then assign the best technician for the job and you’ll receive a confirmation email along with details about your therapist and what to expect from their service. From start to finish, you’re well looked after and kept in the loop… I mean you’re even sent a live location tracker when you’re therapist is on their way so you can sort your children out and put the kettle on. For more information on Bloom Mobile Beauty, head to www.bloommobilebeauty.com. Please note: these treatments were gifted however all views are my own.

Next up, we talk fillers. I’ve always been intrigued by these. Half of me has always wanted to try then but the other half of me says don’t mess with my face. I’ve always said I’d wait until I’m in my 30’s until I considering any fillers and now I’m in my 30’s I’ve noticed a few changes in my face., nothing major but enough to make me realise I aint no spring chicken anymore. This is where the Aesthetic Sisters came in. One treatment I was very eager to get was lip fillers and these ladies kindly invited me along to one of their clinics and gifted this procedure to me. I was super excited but, I’m not going to lie, I was also super nervous. I’ve always had quite a severe fear of injections but knew I had to suck it up if I wanted to have lip fillers. The morning of my treatment I was so nervous, at a few points I was considering cancelling my appointment.

Arriving to my appointment I instantly felt relaxed. The Aesthetic Sisters have such a calming presence and assured me everything will be fine. On went the numbing cream and 10 minutes later the treatment began. I’m quite shocked at my reaction to the treatment being carried out; the injection part didn’t really phase me at all. Yes I could feel the injection but it wasn’t painful in the slightest. The part I really didn’t like was the numbing cream believe it or not. It made my lower face feel rock solid and the sensation was very bizarre. My lips were massaged to ensure all of the filler was even and that was that. In the words of Natasha Bedingfield, I bruise easily so I was given a small pot of Arnicare cream to help aid any bruising which I knew I would get.

The first image above is immediately after treatment. The second image is the following day.

The day after my treatment, my lips were extremely bruised at the entry points where the injections had been and I had some trauma at the top right of my lip but after 2 days this had completely healed. One thing I was afraid of was that you’d be able to tell I had lip fillers as I had that fake look but the results of my lip filler were so natural, I had 0.55ml of Juvederm filler in total and was glad I didn’t have more. Juvederm is a family of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and last between 9 months to one year depending on how quickly your body, naturally breaks this down. You pretty much see the results of the filler instantly although you see the full effects after a few days one the swelling and bruising has gone down. With there being so much choice of where to go for fillers these days, please, please, please do your research beforehand. We’ve all seen and heard horror stories of fillers going wrong and at the end of the day, it’s your face your messing with and you could be scarred for life.

I can’t recommend The Aesthetic Sisters enough. They were so caring and kind and from the moment I walked in I felt relaxed, I knew I was in more than capable hands. The ladies between them have over 20 years experience, working at a senior level in one of the best NHS trusts in the country. They have advanced training at both level 6 and 7, completing a specialist nurse degree at Northumbria University. They attend aesthetic seminars to ensure patient safety is at the forefront of their care and are trained by the worldwide known Derma Medical in advanced aesthetic procedures. You can find The Aesthetic Sisters on Facebook at www.facebook.com/aestheticsisters. Please note: these treatments were gifted however all views are my own.

I’ve been a blondie now since I was 16 so almost 15 years (how did that happen?!). A couple of months ago I decided to go darker and more natural however this went disastrously wrong. Why you may ask? 1) The darker colours kept washing out of my hair after numerous attempts and 2) I just didn’t feel myself with darker hair. I didn’t feel as confident and felt I felt as if I lost myself for a while again. I’ve been following Bobble Salon for sometime now and their hair transformations have always blown me away. After my hair dresser took a step back from being a hair stylist to focus on her studies 2 years ago, I’ve struggled to find a hair stylist who I can trust but now it’s safe to say, I’ve finally found a hair salon I now trust again. Based in leafy Jesmond, just outside of Newcastle City Centre, is Bobble Salon. With its eye catching pink walls, it’s hard to miss.

I mentioned to the stylist what I wanted to achieve but mentioned how I’d understand if it would take a few sittings to achieve the look I was aiming for. Much to my surprise, I was told this look was achieve right here, right now?! I mean, where have you been all of my life! I was advised to use a hair bonding treatment that protects and strengthens hair during the coloring and/or lightening process. A new toner treatment was used on my hair too called Anti-Yellow Matrix 5-minute Fast Toner. The 5-Minute Fast Toners come in three shades: Anti-Red has green tones to neutralise warm tones on Level 1 through 5. Anti-Brass is formulated with blue tones to neutralise unwanted brassy tones on Levels 6 to 8. Anti-Yellow features purple tones to neutralise yellow tones on pre-lightened hair Level 9 and lighter.

From start to finish, I felt so relaxed and at ease in the salon. The ladies were lovely and so down to earth. Plus when I asked which shampoos and conditioners I should use to look after my hair, I wasn’t pressurised to buy any products from the salon but advised on more available drug store products. This was my first visit to the salon and it’s safe to say it certainly won’t be the last. I am still blown away by my hair transformation and disgusted at my hair in the before picture. It’s so nice to find a hair stylist and salon who I can now fully trust doing my hair. There is ample free on street parking outside of the salon and, if you have time, either before or after your appointment; be sure to check out one of the café’s on the street or nip further into Jesmond for a leisurely day out. I can’t thank the girls enough for what they’re managed to create with my hair in only one sitting – you girls rock!

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