Things to do in Northumberland - Crammel Linn Waterfall

It’s week two of the Summer holidays (I think, I don’t even know where I am right now… send help in the form of a bottle of prosecco please), you’ve done pretty much everything on your “keep the kids entertained” list and your bank account has taken a bashing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing spending all this time with my child but, boy oh boy, is it hard work trying to keep a 5 year old busy, who needs a routine and just doesn’t stop.

Lucky for us, we are blessed to live in Northumberland and this got me thinking. Why am I spending so much time and so much money taking my son to soft plays and the likes when we have so much beauty on our doorstep… beauty which is free! I know it’s so easy to head to a softplay so us Mom’s can kick back with a cuppa and sneaky slice of cake whilst the animals run around but sometimes you can’t beat a bit of fresh air in your lungs, not to mention the health benefits!

You can’t beat being in the great outdoors and with so much to see and do within Northumberland we decided to rustle up a packed lunch, pack up our walking boots and head to Crammel Linn waterfall. Crammel Linn waterfall is 2 miles from the picturesque village of Gisland

Crammel Linn sits on the River Irthing, which acts as the border between Northumberland and Cumbria at this point. It’s one of the largest waterfalls in the North East, believe it or not we have many breathtaking waterfalls here in the North East of England, some which not many people know about which I’ll feature on my blog eventually.

Crammel Linn is a spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge. There is a half-mile approach over moorland with a rough path before you can scramble down into the gorge. This is a beautiful site, which does not receive the numbers of visitors you might expect from such an impressive and atmospheric place. When we arrived at the waterfall, we took the path to the right; which takes you to the top of the waterfall. You follow a small path, around the hill; which does have a drop so be careful if you have little ones. You come to an opening with trees and the waterfall to the right. Keep walking. We thought you had to scramble down an 8ft drop to get to the top of the waterfall but this wasn’t the case. Keep going, two more minutes along the trees and this will take you further along the river Irthing and is a safe way to arrive at the top of the waterfall.

Without stating the obvious, please be cautious when you go to the top of the waterfall. It is slippy and there is a 30ft drop below. Yes, we all what that perfect photograph but why risk your life for the perfect shot. Go to the top yes, but either take your pictures away from the edge or wait until you get to the bottom of the waterfall. Do keep an eye on the weather too as the river can run deep and fast when it rains.

We were blessed to have amazing weather when we arrived at Crammel Linn, the sun was shining down on us all day and we decided to have our picnic further up the river. The little one was in his element playing in the river, which is quite shallow further up stream. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting for lunch.

Afterwards, we headed to the bottom of the waterfall and sunbathed on the rocks for an hour or so. The area was so spectacular, we’ll certainly be visiting again before the end of the summer holidays but this time bring our swimming kit and go for a wild swim in the gorge below. Probably one thing to point out is, if you are planning on visiting here ideally you want to wear walking boots or an old pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting dirty as you do have to scramble ever so slightly to manoeuvre around the waterfall.

Not many venture to this lonely spot but it's only a 15-minute walk over the moor from the parking spot on the road at GR 636697. On the way back to the car you can't miss the fighter jet parked in the forest straight ahead! You could of course walk upstream from the Gilsland Spa Hotel about 1.5miles away which we are planning on doing next time so we can see more of this beautiful landscape.

After visiting Crammel Linn, we drove into Gisland and took a pit stop at The House of Meg and what a find it was. The House of Meg is more than just a great place to take a break from a hard days walking Hadrian's Wall, Crammel Linn or a long drive dodging the traffic of the A69. The House of Meg is full of tempting cakes, tasty sandwiches and Andi's homemade scones. The House of Meg is also Gilsland's village shop opening from 7.30 in the morning.

The House of Meg is a beautifully designed tearoom and features a garden area where you can enjoy a cuppa, or glass of wine, whilst watching the world go by. Needless to say we had a fantastic day out, the walk was perfect for our 5 year old and wrapping up the day with a slice of cake and a cuppa was the cherry on the cake!

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