Scentsy by Alice monthly "Whiff Box"

We recently moved into our new home and in return received many a bottle of champagne as a moving in presents… my friends and family know me all too well! If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’m a huge advocate for supporting local businesses so when one of my girls brought me one of her Whiff Boxes as a moving in present I just had to share it with you all.

So, what is a Scentsy by Alice Whiff Box I hear you say? Scentsy by Alice Whiff Box is a monthly hand picked assortment of Scentsy by Alice fragrances and product lines designed with new, trending and seasonal items. Every month's assortment is a fun surprise! Scentsy by Alice’s monthly Whiff Box will allow you to experience a plethora of amazing Scentsy products each month.

We all know how popular subscription boxes are, and for good reason! A subscription box allows you to try new items you may never have thought to purchase and discover new things you will come to love and enjoy. Think BirchBox but for the home. Due to the fact Scentsy catalogues have an abundance of amazing products, it makes for the perfect opportunity to try some of these products at home with the help of these amazing, monthly fragrance boxes. Although you can sign up and use this as a monthly subscription box Scentsy by Alice also allows you to purchase these boxes if and when needed which I love, because we all know that money can be tight every now and again so this means your not tied to purchasing one every month.

When my girl passed me over my box, I wasn’t expecting it to be so heavy. From then I knew it was gong to be crammed packed with goodies, I was super excited to say the least. Included in my October Whiff Box was:

  • A full bar of Blackberry Mint wax melts. A lip smacking scent of blackberries, sparkling minty sage and sheer musk

  • A Scent Circle for my car in the scent “World Traveller.” Enriched with blackberry, dark pomegranate and oak bark

  • The brand new and just launched twin pack of Luna car scent clips

  • Another brand new, just launched AND FULL SIZE 473ml Aloe Water & Cucumber bathroom cleaner. A citric acid based cleaning spray is specially formulated to easily remove soap scum and grime from your bathroom, powerful, biodegradable, plant based and made using safe cleaning ingredients… not forgetting it smells absolutely incredible!

  • A full size Go Go Mango Bath Soak. A 0.91kg bag of amazing smelling bath salts formulated with pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, premium moisturisers and exclusive Scentsy by Alice fragrances

  • 2 sample packets of the new Scentsy by Alice laundry fragrance

  • A Citrus Pomegranate sample cup, which will also be the scent of the month for October

The Whiff Box is only £36 and you get all of the above included in that price. Needless to say it’s more than worth it and my both my house and car smell absolutely magnificent.

Every Scentsy Whiff Box will contain a few samples and a full-size consumable product or two (i.e. the items you love and use up quickly because they are so great). You can be sure that Scentsy wax (single cups and/or Scentsy bars) will be included. Other products will be determined by what is available in your home country. For example, Scent Circles, Scentsy Scent Packs, Scentsy Laundry and Cleaning products, and more on-the-go range of Scentsy goods will be included.

The Scentsy by Alice products come in a special Scentsy by Alice branded package (seasonally themed) with a unique note regarding the assortment of goods. Also, the Scentsy Whiff Box will contain an exclusive “sniff preview” of the next Scent of the Month to tantalise your senses.

Once upon a time, I would have opted for a more beauty orientated subscription box, however now I’ve tried a Scentsy by Alice Whiff Box for myself I am now officially converted. I just love how you can pay as you go with Alice's Whiff Box and aren't bound to any subscription. You certainly get your monies worth in each box and you’ll also be supporting a local business when you order a Scentsy by Alice. You really do need to try one for yourself. They’re the perfect opportunity to try new and exciting Scentsy products and I’d even go so far as saying they’d be the perfect gift for Christmas or birthday present.

To get yours, head to Alice’s website:

If you do order one, please let me know what you think via my social media channels but don’t blame me when you become obsessed with Scentsy like I am… heads up… be sure to check out Alice’s range of The Nightmare Before Christmas goodies, I want them all!

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