Good Hair Days With Lacey's Hair & Beauty

I'm not going to lie, I last got my hair highlighted in early November last year and, needless to say, it was in dire need of some TLC. I've been going to Lacey's Hair & Beauty now for years for my beauty treatments however ever never actually had my hair cut and styled there. 

Lacey's Hair & Beauty is an independentantly run salon which is based in Dunston and have recently opened another beauty only salon within Whickham. This place is your one stop shop for all things Hair and beauty ranging from nails and tanning to teeth whitening and bridal hair & makeup. 

My stylist during the visit was called Naomii and the main aim of the game with to sort out my roots & elimate all brassy tones from my hair. I'm a huge fan of ash blonde tones but, much to my dismay, I'm always left with some sort of brassiness in my hair. I mentioned this to Naomii and off she went out the back to work her magic and sort my colour out. 

I always used to get a full head of colour but looking back, I think this was too blocky for my hair so opted for an alternative of a full head of highlights and I think the results are much more natural. In the past year I've made it my mission to take extra care of my hair after getting it in such a mess from dying it at home myself. I would never dye my hair at home anymore and it just goes to show that getting your hair done professionally will reap the benefits. Within just under a year, my hair has went from a bob to way past my shoulders. Yes, it costs more but you pay for what you get, as they say. 

My hair is somewhat on the thick side and I don't think Naomii realised this until she got to work. Needless to say, I was sat in the chair for a few hours but the results were more than what I could have asked for. Literally ALL of the brassy tones had been eliminated and replaced with beautiful ashy tones of silver, blonde and grey. A mixture of Matrix tones in 8a & 8v were used on my hair to create these gorgeous tones, I also had a couple of inches cut off my hair too. 

I must admit, when I first set eyes on the colour I thought, "Oh my God, I've got grey hair." But after a couple of minutes and upon a full inspection I was in love. Naomii did mention that the colour would fade from the toner after a few washes and, boy was she right. Gone are the grey tones but the colour is now a pearly, white blonde which I love too but I miss the grey tones somewhat now so I'm thinking next time if making the grey tones more permanent.

I cannot recommend Lacey's Hair & Beauty anymore, the service I received was fab and the results are amazing! Needless to say, Lacey's Hair & Beauty are stuck with me now as I'll be an ever returning customer for my hair now. 

Lacey's Hair & Beauty

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