Wood & Kindle at Hadrian’s Tipi

With only 4 days remaining until Hadrian’s Tipi closes its doors for another year, time is running out if you are yet to visit this festive winter pop up, nestled in the location of the Old Odeon City within Newcastle’s vibrant City Centre. The mini Christmas market boasts lots of fun for all the family, including your dog, from tempting food stalls to a handful of bars where you can grab a cosy seat by a log fire.  

Hadrian’s Tipi is home to around 10 independent food & drink business and being all about supporting local businesses I was loving this. I was recently invited along to Wood & Kindle within Hadrian’s Tipi to try out a meal from their festive menu.  

Tucked in the corner at the back next to the bar is Wood & Kindle with their wood burning oven firing up the tastiest flat breads & pizzas. I was greeted by Steve with his trademark backwards cap, who’s passion for his brand was quite obvious from the start. After much debating, I decided to go for the confit lamb shoulder flatbread with basil tomato salad and mint, pomegranate yoghurt... to be fair, all of the food sounded amazing so I wouldn’t have been disappointed no matter my choice. 

It’s always a nice experience having your food prepared in front of you, not only for the consumer but for the business and producer as they get to show off their creations and talent in the public eye rather than being hid away in a kitchen. I don’t know what it is, but you can’t beat getting your food cooked on an open fire, I’m all about the theatrics. My flatbread took minutes to be prepared and made and it looked incredible, too good to eat... who was I kidding I couldn’t wait to tuck in! 

The flavours where amazing and you could just taste how fresh the ingredients where with each bite. Having been to Hadrian’s Tipi a few times before my visit to Wood & Kindle I kinda felt bad I hadn’t been before. The guys where absolutely fantastic, friendly, passionate and hard bloody working. The food well, what can I say, was something else. Tasty, refreshing, mouth watering - these guys certainly know what they’re doing! 

So what are you doing? Head down to Hadrian’s Tipi before it’s closing day on Sunday and swing by Wood & Kindle - I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

I wish the guys the best of luck in all future projects, you certainly do deserve it and you’ve got a fan for life here!

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